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Smart Led bulbs with Wifi for Home

Smart Led bulbs

If You want to make your home Smart and decorative, Then Smart Led bulbs would be a great choice for you. It is very easy to use Smart Led bulbs in your home.

One of the best features that make you use smart Lighting in your home is that You can control these smart bulbs directly from Your Smartphone. 

You can connect These Smart Led bulbs to your smartphone with the help of Wifi or Bluetooth, Even some of the smart led bulbs also support some apps through which you connect then and used as you want.

These Smart Bulbs are easy to use and give you lots of features so that your home looks Smart and trendiest.

Another best thing to use Led smart bulbs is that if you already have some Smart devices in your home like Amazon Alexa and google assistant then you can control These smart Lighting from your Voice command also.

Why To Choose Smart Led Bulbs For Your Home

Smart Lighting Bulbs gives you lots of extra features that you can not Get in the normal bulbs. Through Smart Led bulbs You can get the option to choose millions of different colors in a single bulb. It can also be controlled directly from your Smartphone so that you can be easily accessible on a single click from your smartphone.

Why to choose Smart Les bulbs

You can access These smart Bulbs from your voice command that makes it perfect for a home in today’s times. All the bubs came with companion apps that give you access with its all features, Also you can control it with Some smart devices like Amazon Alexa, Google assistant.

Are Smart Led Bulbs Worth Its Price

Smart Lighting bulbs are really worth for your money. They are the best choice because they are very much energy efficient than of normal bulbs.

Not only Energy-efficient these smart bulbs also last long around on an average of about 5+ years. so it can be very safe to say that smart bulbs are definitely worth your investment especially when incorporated into the smart home system. 

If you buy smart bulbs then no new changes you have to do in your home, It will work with all your previous installed switches. it mainly works remotely with your smartphones.

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What are the best Smart led bulbs in India

Some of the best Smart led bulbs in India are

Philips Smart Led bulbs

Philips smart bulbs
  • This Smart led bulb is from Philips brand and we all know well about Philips. It is a top-notch company of electronics products, also a trusted name.
  • It Is available in two options of 9watt or 12 watts. And gives you 2 Years of warranty.
  • This smart bulb can be controlled by your smartphone, Alexa, Siri. it has millions of Installed colors and plenty of preset themes that can create a perfect mood in your room.
  • Simple and easy to set up only you need to plug in into the bulb hub. it can be controlled using WiZ app.
  • You can also use it according to your timer, only you have to set the timer in the WiZ app and it on/off according to the timer.
  • It would be perfect for your home, Parties, or any Indoor and outdoor settings. You can control it from anywhere in the globe from its app.
  • The only con found in this smart Led bulb is that it can not retain its previous setting when power cuts, after power cuts it goes to its default setting.

Wipro Smart Led Bulb

Wipro smart Led bulbs
  • Wipro is another great brand option in the Electronics Products.
  • This Smart bulb comes in two options 9 watts or 12 watts, and also gives 2 years warranty.
  • You can control this bulb from anywhere with its Wipro Next app, Also with some smart devices like Alexa, Google Assistant.
  • It gives you the option to choose millions of different colors by selecting in its app.
  • You can also use it according to your Routine, Just set a timer to on/off from its app.
  • It also gives you options to choose between different Light conditions like warm white, Neutral white, cool white, And RGB colors.
  • Set up of this Smart bulb is very easy it can be set within 2 minutes.
  • It would be the best choice for simple and elegant home decoration for indoor and outdoor parties.

Amazon Solimo Smart Led bulb

AMazon brand solimo smart led bulb
  • Amazon has just introduced its new Smart bulb in the market and gives you 1 year online warranty.
  • It is available in two different options 9 watts or 12 watts.
  • This smart bulb can be controlled from anywhere in the world with its Smart Life App.
  • Also controlled from your voice command with the help of smart devices like Alex, Echo dot, Google Assistant, and with some others.
  • It gives you options to choose between millions of different colors with just one click from its app.
  • It also gives you different options of white colors like warm white, cool white, Neutral white, and its RGB colors.
  • Easy to set up, Also works according to the timer which you have to set from its app.

Syska Smart Led Bulb

Syska smart Led Bulb
  • Syska Smart led bulb is available in Two different option 7watts or 9 watts. And gives you 2 years of a warranty claim.
  • Easy to set up and control with its Magic app.
  • It gives you the choice to select between millions of different colors according to your mood.
  • It can be controlled from anywhere with its app, and also with voice command by some smart devices like Amazon Alexa, google assistant.
  • Works on automatic according to the day and night conditions.
  • Good for Indoor House decoration.

Halonix Smart Led Bulb

Halonix Smart Led bulb
  • Halonix Smart Bulb is available in only two options of 12 watts & 10 watts and gives you 2 years of warranty claim option.
  • You can select over millions of different colors according to your mood.
  • It is controlled by hallonix wifi app and also controlled by your voice command with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and with some other smart devices.
  • It also works on the timer, only you have to set it with its app.
  • You can control it from anywhere around the world with its app.
  • Easy to set up and its efficiency is really good, works for a long duration of time.
  • Also suitable for the Indoor house party decorations.

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Some Other Best Features of Smart Led Bulbs

Besides The Above mentioned Features there are also some best features of smart led bulbs.

  • They Can Be Controlled from anywhere

Many of the smart bulbs have this feature which let you control these smart bulbs from anywhere in the globe. Only you need to install their apps and bulbs should be connected with the wifi in your home. This is one of the great features when you are on vacation or anywhere away from your home so that your home never looks empty.

  • They Change colors As you want

Many Smart bulbs change color as you give instructions from its apps, In fact, Smart Led bulbs can Change up to millions of colors as you want. You can exact change the colors of the bulbs just by selecting your desired color on the bulb app. You can also change its colors on your Voice command from various smart devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri.

  • They can help you Sleep better

Some Smart lighting bulbs also help you to sleep better they emit several colors temperatures that are designed to help regulate natural melatonin production in the body so that you enjoy your sleep better.

Final Conclusion on Smart Led Bulbs

So, guys, these are the best 5 Smart Led bulbs after doing long research I have selected these five smart led bulbs that would be perfect for your home decoration and also for normal use for the house.

If you want to know my favorite one then I Will say that  It would be a tough one because all of the above listed are the best but in my opinion you can go with Wipro smart led bulb because it is little bit less costlier than Philips, but the Philips brand is always would be our first choice for the electronics Products. You can buy any one of these five smart led bulbs Because these are tested and most reviewed in Amazon.

If you have any questions regarding the best Smart bulbs then feel free to ask with us on the comment section, we will definitely help you to solve your query.

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