Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020

Choosing a Best Earphone is always a challenging decision, one wrong step can harm your Ear. And Nowadays Bluetooth Earphones are in trend. So, to make your decision easy we have made this Review on best Sony bluetooth headphones.

We have decided to review the Best Sony Bluetooth headphones because Sony is one of the most trusted and dependable brands in the world. Also, sony is the best non-Chinese brand so you can buy its headphone without any hesitation.

After Using These sony wireless earphones for a month we have made this list of best Sony wireless headphones. And I hope after reading this blog you can definitely choose one that of the best wireless Bluetooth earphones that would be perfect for you and also for your Ears.

There is a baseline that we have made to choose the best sony wireless earphones.

  1. Price Under 5000
  2. Bluetooth Version 4.2 or above.
  3. Good sound quality with best bass balancing.
  4. Compact and Stylish Design, also easy to carry.

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For a quick view these are the best Sony bluetooth headphones.

Product Name


Buy Link

Sony WI XB400 Bluetooth Earphone

Sony WH CH510 wireless Headphone

Sony WI C310 Bluetooth Headset

Sony C400 Bluetooth Headset

Sony WI C200 Bluetooth Headset

Best Sony Bluetooth Headphones.

1. Sony Wi xB400 Bluetooth extra bass

Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020

Overall Best Pick

  • Extra Bass Audio For the Bass Lovers.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Available in 2 different colors.

The best Extra bass neckband by sony and will be a great choice for the true Bass lovers. Its bass also gives you Punchy and deep clear sound.

Bluetooth Version 5.0 gives you faster connectivity with your smartphone also gives a good range of connectivity.

Enjoy Music playtime up to 15 hours without any interruption. It also supports the quick charge that charges your Earphone 0 to 100 % within an hour with its Type c fast charging cable.

It’s Design and builds quality is very compact and stylish. Its wire is totally tangled free, soft, and flexible which makes it highly durable. Also for easy carrying its buds are magnetic which keeps the earphone cluster free when not in use.

It’s easy operation with buttons which help to Play, stop, skip the music track with its volume control.

Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020


  • Clear and Crisp sound with extra sweet bass.
  • Its design looks stylish and very compact and comfortable.
  • Batter backup of 15 hours which is good also USB type c fast charging.
  • Works with google assistant makes it voice controllable.
  • Noise cancellation also works well even when you are in a crowded place.
Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020


  • There is not any IP rating so it is not Waterproof.

2. Sony Wh Ch510 Wireless Headphone

Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020

Best On ear headphone

  1. Lightweight and compact Design.
  2. 1 year of manufacturer warranty.
  3. Available in 2 different colors.

It is one of the Best sony on-ear headphones under 5000. Its sound quality is very balanced and of top-notch quality. with a balanced bass and treble, it’s sound never get overpower and give you fully balanced audio experience.

It’s Bluetooth version is 5.0. Which gives you speedy connectivity with your smartphone, and also has good range of connection.

It has large battery backup which can gives you approx 35 hours of playon time.

Its design is very simple and compact which fits very nicely on your ears and gives you good sound experience.

In charging it supports Type c fast charging which fully charges the headphone within an hour. since its battery is really very good so you need to charge once in a week.

Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020


  • With Bluetooth version 5.0 it easily and fastly connects.
  • Battery back and charging speed is awesome.
  • Mic quality is good
  • Very comfortable to use and lightweight so not make any burden on-ear or head
  • Balancing of Bass and treble in sound quality is very nice.
Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020


  • Noise cancellation is quite average.

3. Sony Wi C310 Bluetooth Headset

Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020

Smart Pick For the Bluetooth Lover

  1. Very Lightweight and of Good quality.
  2. Available in 3 different classic colors.
  3. 1 year of manufacturer warranty.

This is one of the Best sony noise cancelling headphones whose price is really affordable that really values for your money.

It has 9 mm of Drivers whose sound output is really awesome. Whether You are Listening to the pop song, Rock song, classical song, or jazz this sony Bluetooth headphone always delivers the dynamic audio performance with deep bass crisp trebble and good sound clarity.

Its built quality makes it very compact and easy to use. Its wire is tangle-free and has the magnetic Ear buds.

With Bluetooth version 5.0 it connects very fast and gives you good range of connectivity.

The inbuilt mic is also given through which you can call with HD voice. Noise cancellation works well and isolated the surrounding noise.

Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020


  • Bluetooth Version 5.0 which has goodrange of connectivity.
  • It’s Battery backup is approx 15 hours of playing time.
  • Supports quick charge which charges fully within an hour.
  • Very Lightweight and feels nothing extra while wearing.
  • The wire is Tangle free
Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020


  • There are no such cons in these earphones looking at the price point But there is not any IP rating.

4. Sony C 400 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Sony wi C400 bluetooth

Best Sony Bluetooth Neckband

  • Sturdy and hard build quality.
  • Extra bass and treble sound quality.
  • 1 year of manufacturer warranty.
  • Available in 4 different classical colors.

This wireless headphones is best for casual and daily usage. Its neckband style makes it perfect for the sporty lovers and Gym freaks.

Its sound quality is of top notch the bass and treble all are balanced perfectly which gives you clear and crisp sound.

Battery backup is really great can give you 20 hours of music playon time. Also, it charges the neckband from 0 to 100% in an hour.

4 buttons are given for different operations like Play, Pause, Skip the track, and for adjusting the volume. It also supports the mic which also supports HD calling Features.

It has also extra features Like cable management which manages the cable quite properly and protects it from getting damaged.

It also supports NFC features that connect very quickly with the smartphone. And its vibration on calling features makes it quite useful when someone is calling you.

Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020


  • Bluetooth and NFC both connectivity is supported.
  • Vibration on calling features makes you aware when someone is calling.
  • 20 hours of battery backup is far enough.
  • Balanced Sound quality Bass is also good which produces crisp and clear sound.
  • Cable management is also given to protect the cable from damage.
Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020


  • No IP rating, so avoid using in water.

5. Sony Wi C200 Bluetooth headset

Sony WI C200 Bluetooth Headset

Best Bluetooth Earphone Under 2000

  • Compact and sturdy Build Quality.
  • Style That suits You.
  • Available in 2 different colors.
  • 1 year of manufacturer warranty.

Go wireless with the Bluetooth, This tag really suits this sony wireless headphone this amazing bluetooth earphone of Brand Sony is available under 2000 unbelievable one.

This Bluetooth earphone has all the best features that the higher price range earphones have and its price is best according to its specs.

Talking about its features, It has Bluetooth version 5.0, with metal and magnetic earbuds which makes it easy to handle.

It’s 9mm driver gives you proper bass and balance treble that makes it’s audio very crisp and clear.

Its wire is very flexible, soft, and lightweight which helps lets you listen to music very comfortably anytime anywhere.

Its 15 hours of battery back always lets you entertaining with any interruption. and if it’s battery gets discharged then it’s fast charge technology charges fully within an hour.

Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020


  • Bluetooth Version 5.0, always lets you connected.
  • Great audio clarity with good bass.
  • 15 hours of battery backup always lets you entertaining.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry never lets you feel a burden.
  • Noise-canceling works really well.
  • With its inbuilt mic helps you calling in HD sound.
Best Sony Bluetooth Earphone In India 2020


  • No IP Rating, So no waterproof.
  • Wire quality is a little bit down.

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How To Choose Best Wireless Earphone

There are some features that you should must check in the bluetooth Earphones before buying.

1. Bluetooth Version

Firstly check the Bluetooth version of the Wireless headsets, If it is having Bluetooth version 4.2 or above then it is great. At present Bluetooth version 5.0 is the latest version.

Higher the Bluetooth version has a higher range of connectivity and also it helps in fastly connecting with your smartphone or laptops.

2. Sound quality

For better sound quality always check the driver size of the earphone buds. Generally, 9 to 12 mm driver size is perfect for the crisp and clear sound output. Higher the Driver size gives you a more clear and high volume of sound.

3. Bass quality

Generally, most of the Audio lover wants the Headset which has higher bass but it can also affect the sound clarity of the Music at high volume. So choose the Earphone which has good bass. You can also Read our reviews, we always tell about the bass of the earphones.

4. Noise cancelling Feature

Noise-canceling is mainly needed when you are in a crowded place, and you want to isolate yourself from the outside noise. In the above listed all are the best Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones.

5. Build Quality of the Earphones

You are buying a Bluetooth Earphones, so it is quite obvious that all the weight of the earphones rests upon your neck, So always go for the lightweight earphones and also look for the wire quality of the earphones Mostly Tangle-free wires are Best. It also protects your earphones from getting Damaged.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Which is best Earphone Wired or Wireless?

That totally depends upon your choice, demands, and also on your budget. Generally, Wireless earphones are high priced than the wired but according to the comfort wireless earphones are more comfortable from the wired earphone. Some activities like gumming, running, playing games can be done very comfortably with the wireless earphones.

Q. Why to choose Sony Bluetooth Headphones?

Sony is one of the most trusted and dependable brands it is always the first choice among all the customers. If you buy one time any sony product then you will become a Sony Lover. And also the design, Build quality, Sound quality all are best in the Sony Bluetooth headphones also its price is not too high then why choose any other Brand. Also, the after-sale service of the Sony brand is best.

Final Conclusion on Best Sony Headphones

So guys this is the top 5 Best Sony Bluetooth Headphones under the price of 5000. You can buy any of these best earphones. Why i have reviewed the Sony headphones because it is one of the best earphone brands Its sound quality, Build quality, service all are of top notch also I am personally a Sony lover i have used these earphones and after using I had become the sony sound lover. If you are searching for the best headphones then my suggestion would be that you should definitely try the sony Brand earphones and after using You will definiteloy love it thats my bet to you.

So If you want a best bluetooth earphone under 5000 then you can definitely Buy any of the above listed Best Sony Bluetooth headphones These are the Best in this Price range.

If you have any questions regarding these earphones then you can definitely ask with me in the comment section below. I will surely respond to you ASAP!.

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