Top Best Smart Home Devices in India 2020 -Gadget Trends

Home Automation is one of the Dreamwork that we all dreamt about. So get the Best Smart home devices at 50% of and make your Home Smart.

Best Smart Home Devices

The world is becoming so Hitech and advanced, New technologies are being introduced day by day to make our work easy and comfortable only we have to adapt it to enjoy a smart living.

There are many buildings and skyscrapers in the world that are very much Hitech and of smart technologies, So why not we also make our home to move one step up and become a smart home by installing some smart home devices in our homes.

Smart Home Devices are mainly made for Home automation, It makes your home more Perfect and futuristic. Only you have to ask or say any work these Best Smart home devices can do yours works in just a second.

Just imagine you want to listen to music, wants to know your city traffic, and also weather forecasting, Then just ask it from the Alexa. It will give you most accurate information.

Making your Home a smart home has now become a trend Because there are lots of smart devices available at affordable prices and works perfectibly with your Home.

Imagine you had entered your home after a long and hard-working then you have to just say Alexa lights on, It will automatically turn on your lights and Fans as per your need. It totally makes our life easy.

Now this is the perfect time to make your Life Smart, All Best smart Home devices are available in the Market also it does not cost too much but it makes the best Impact on your House. You will feel like you are living in the Future.

These are the Best Smart Home Devices that Will makes your home Smart.


Smart Home Devices


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Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Top Best Smart Home Devices in India 2020 -Gadget Trends

Fire TV Stick 4K

Top Best Smart Home Devices in India 2020 -Gadget Trends

Smart Led Bulbs

Top Best Smart Home Devices in India 2020 -Gadget Trends

Echo Show 5

Top Best Smart Home Devices in India 2020 -Gadget Trends

Amazon Echo 3rd Generation

Top Best Smart Home Devices in India 2020 -Gadget Trends

Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation

Top Best Smart Home Devices in India 2020 -Gadget Trends

Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock

Top Best Smart Home Devices in India 2020 -Gadget Trends

What we need to convert our home into a Smart Home?

To convert your home into a smart home, there are some requirements that you should fulfill. All you need is that there must be a wi-fi connection to your home or some Smart home Devices. Like Amazon Echo, Smart Led Bulbs, and for extra security and privacy you can also buy a smart home security camera that’s it after buying these Smart home devices you are ready to make your home Smart.

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Let’s Check the Smart home Devices.

The First Device in our List of best Smart home Devices are the most important device that is:

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

  • Most Popular smart speaker with LED display.
  • Perfect for Your home.
  • Voice Control Assistance.
  • It is compatible with more than 100s of smart home devices.
  • specially designed to protect Your privacy.
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5 by 26,000+ buyers.

One Of The Most Popular Amazon Echo dot smart speakers is now available with the Led display that shows the Time, Temperature and the timers.

Alexa is the Brain that is inbuilt in it and works like its Brain and make it a smart speaker. It will work as you give the command to Alexa.

It can make your life easier at home. Just use your voice to create timers, Make your shopping lists, and to create any remainders for you. You can also use it to get updated with the Latest news, Play your Favorite songs or also check the scores of any sports just through your voice.

Its Installation is very Simple you just to plugin it into the Hub, and connects it with your wifi connection and then register your smart speaker with the Alexa App, And that’s it its setup is complete Now talk to Alexa and make him to do as you give the command.

Amazon Echo dot Review
SOurce: Amazon

What makes It a Smart Home Devices

In Amazon Echo dot Alexa is inbuilt that works as a smart Assistant that makes it a Smart gadget.

Alexa has more than 30,000+ skills that make it your perfect assistant, Skills add capabilities to the Echo devices and make it to work as your commands.

Alexa has skills like it an tell you the make you updated with the latest and trending News, It has capabilities to play any songs as you want, It can book your ola or any of the Ride and also order food online for you, The most important it can combine with all of the smart home equipment like TV, lights, Security camera, Refrigerator, Washing machine and with many more devices and Makes your home A Smart Home.

In Easy word you can Control Your Home in just one word and make you home a smart Home.

Fire Tv Sticks 4k with Inbuilt Alexa Remote

Amazon Fire Sticks

Amazon Fire Stick 4k with smart Remote

  • It is the Most Powerful Streaming Media stick.
  • Get the most comprehensive voice control on your TV.
  • Convert Your Normal TV into Smart TV.
  • Easy and Simple to setup.
  • 4.2 rating out of 5 by 25,500 +buyers.

Amazon Firestick is the top best selling streaming media player in the first half of 2020. Also equipped with the Alexa voice control Remote.

With Prime membership you can unlocked thousand of TV episodes on Prime video.

It is one of the best portable media players you can carry in your pocket and all of the favorite contents in your pocket.

Its Installation is very easy and simple just plug the fire stick into the HDMI port of your TV, Then plug the charger into a wall socket. And the last step is to connect the fire stick with the WiFi connection.

Amazon Fire stick

In addition, You Will get the following features:

  • 8 GB of internal memory.
  • output resolution of 720p HD and 1080p ( Full HD ) up to 60 fps.
  • It supports Dolby Audio.
  • Dual-band wifi connection.

Smart Led Bulbs

Smart Led Bulbs

Smart Led Bulbs

  • Customize Your Home Lightining with 16 millions of RGB colors.
  • Accessible From Everywhere via smart app.
  • Compatible with Alexa.
  • Makes your Home Smart.

Smart Lightning is one of the must have product for making your Home Smart.

It gives you tons of options to customize your Home lighting with millions of colors, you can choose millions of colors from a single Smart Led bulbs.

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Smart Led Bulbs are Also compatible with Alexa, So you can control all your home Lightning from your voice and you can choose different colors option.

Its Setup and installation are very easy just put the bulb in the hub and connect it from the wifi connection and combine it with Alexa for the first time and after that, you can use or control it with your voice.

Echo Show 5 Smart Display

Amazon Echo Show 5

Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart Display

  • Video and Music Entertainment.
  • Video calling via Alexa.
  • Makes Your Home smart controls all your Smart home appliances.
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5 by 1500+ buyers.

Amazon Echo shows 5 is the 4th Best Smart device in the list of Best Smart Home Devices. it is a mini portable smart display where you can get all your entertainment and also manages your day smartly according to your command.

It has Alexa is built-in it. you have to do some basic setup and after that, you can manage your home perfectly from it, Through your voice command.

It is the perfect alternative for the Echo dot because in the Echo show 5 you can also watch a video that can be used for your entertainment, Video calling, and also the screen for your security camera.

You can also control all your smart home devices with the Alexa in built-in it, You just have to ask Alexa to do work through your voice and Alexa can do it. and also it is full privacy proof. You can also use it to see the view of your security camera.

Amazon Echo show 5 helps you to get managed your day smartly with its Alexa, also gives you the notification about the timers and many more.

Its Setup is very Easy just plugin it into an electric socket, follow the steps on the screen and connect it with your internet or Wifi connection, and enjoy the Experience of the Smart home Video Device.

Echo Show 5 Review

Technology Details of The Echo Show 5

  • 5.5 inch display.
  • Front facing Camera.
  • 5.8″ * 3.4″ * 2.8″ diamension.
  • 4 buttons control for the volume up and down, one button for camera shutter on/off, and one for Mics and Camera control.
  • Three ports available one for the Power port, One for the micro usb port, and one the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo Review

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

  • Premium Speaker powered by dolby for 360 degree.
  • In built Alexa.
  • Equipped with 4 microphone.
  • Make Your Everyday work Esier with Smart Speaker.

Amazon Echo Smart speaker is the 5th Device in the list of Smart Home Devices. You can do many from Echo smart speaker like play music, Set timer, You can know the latest News, And you can know about the weather forecasting and Cricket score also.

The Brain behind the Echo smart speaker is Alexa which works as an assistant for you, you can ask to Alexa to do your work lke Play music, Tell the News, What’s The Score and many more.

Alexa 3rd Generation is equipped with the Dolby atmos with the 360-degree audio speaker for crisp and clear sound quality.

Amazon Echo can control all your smart home appliances, and you can control your AC, Light bulbs, and you can also set your Work routine with it so that you can get notified through it. In this way It makes your Home Smart.

Its installation is very simple and very easy to use, Just you have to plugin it into the power socket and then connect it to the Internet through your mobile and that’s it set up is complete. Your Alexa is ready to answer your questions.

Amazon Echo 3rd Gen Review

Technical Details Of Amazon Echo 3rd Generation

  • Easy to control with 4 simple Button for Volume up and down, Mic on and off button, and one for action button.
  • 3.9″ * 5.8″ diamension and build in Cylindrical shape.
  • 2 port is also given one for the power and another is for 3.5 mm Headphone jack.
  • Ring light is also given at the top of the speaker that makes it attractive.

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Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation

Amazon Kindle paperwhite

Kindle Paper white 10th Generation

  • Thinnest and the lightest kindle.
  • 300 PPI anti-glare Screen.
  • Storage 8 Gb so store thousands of books online.
  • Adjustable Screen Light.
  • Rating: 4.5 / 5 with over 1700+ Buyers.

It is The 6th best Smart gadgets in the List of Best Smart Home Devices. with the thinnest, lightweight and Premium looking kindle paperwhite.

Very Sleek design makes it perfect and confortable to handle. Also, its display is anti-glare display so you can read many books without having any problem with your eyes.

Reading is one of the Best Habits to gain good knowledge, So to make your reading easy you can buy it, Because buying many different books can occupy a large space, but buying thousands of kindle Books makes you easy to read and store at a single Place.

Fully water ressistant, so don’t worry from the splash of waters it does not harm your device.

One of the best features that make it Smart Home device That you can adjust the text size, change style of the Text, to gain maximum readability that you can get with the Physical Book.

It can connect it with your Wi-Fi connection or also your cellular data connection to get a better connection.

Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock

Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock

Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock

  • It design is so Small and fits anywhere in your Home.
  • You can control It with your voice.
  • Smart Clock For Smart Home.
  • Good design with small display.
  • rating: 4.1/ 5 by 250+ certified Buyers.

It is the 7th Best Smart gadgets in the List of Smart Home Gadgets. It is one of the Best digital Clock for your Smart home with small display.

You can also watch news, videos, and also use it as the Smart Home Device. It is basically a smart clock with Lcd Display so that you can change different types of Clock faces.

It has Alexa In built in it so you can control it with your Voice.

Its Build quality is very good with small and premium design makes it to fit at any place you want. Also it has many clock faces so that you can personalise one best for yourself.

It can also control your room Lights, Ac, and Haters so that you can control all your home accessories with your Voice command.

It has also an inbuilt speaker so that you can hear songs and news and many more. You can also plugin your 3.5 mm headphone it it.

So, guys, These are the Best Smart Home Devices in India you can buy it from amazon and make your Home a Smart home that feels like a futuristic Home.

FaQs on Best Smart Home Devices

Q.Why You Should Use Smart Home Devices?

Home Automation is one of the best things to be done in your home so that your home looks smart. There are many advantages of using Smart Home Devices like, It will save your electricity. Because you can control all your home appliances with your voice so that you can easily ask Alexa to turn off the equipment that you are not using.
You can Easily access your entertainment you just have to ask Alexa and it will do it for you. Through Smart home Devices, you can also customize your Home lighting according to your choice.

Q.What Are the Benefits Of Smart Home Devices?

There Are Many Benefits of Smart Home Devices Like:
1. You can Improve Your Home Security by using Smart Home Devices.
2. You can control all your home Functions very easily through your Voice.
3. Smart Home Devices Can also Increase your Home Energy Efficiency.
4. Smart home devices can also improve your Home appliance Functionality and make your Home appliances work Better.
5. It makes your Home Look More attractive and Futuristic and also eco friendly.

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